Is Ninja Getting Sponsored By Fortnite to play the Game?

Is Ninja Getting Sponsored By Fortnite to play the Game?

Richard Tyler Blevins who is famously known as 'Ninja' which is his online name who is an American Twitch and internet personality who has over 12 million subscribers on Twitch and has an average of 60,000 viewers per stream. Ninja also has over 21 million subscribers on Youtube.

Ninja began his gaming career with Halo 3 in 2009, later he started playing H1Z1 and then later moved to PUBG and won some tournaments. He later started streaming Fortnite in 2017 and in September 2017 he had more than 500,000 followers on Twitch and within no time his channel blew up and started doubling his subscriber base he got so popular playing Fortnite that he hosted games with celebrities like Drake, Travis Scott. Ninja earns more than $700,000 per month from streaming, donations and sponsorships.

Key to Ninja's success is Fortnite and Ninja made the game more popular and he is the key to make Fortnite more popular and many people have wondered whether the developers of the game have paid Ninja to play the game so that more people can play the game.

On December 26th WIRED uploaded a video where Ninja was answering some questions which were regularly regularly searched on Google.

During the interview, there comes a question saying "Does Ninja get paid by Fortnite?"Ninja was happy to address on the topic, stating that he never got paid by Epic Games to promote the game.

He says "I have to be really careful about this and think about this because, I don't want to misspeak", "I don't think that I've been payed by them for doing anything. They've done for everyone like the Support-A-Creator code, and they didn't pay me to promote the game so no, Fortnite hasn't paid me to play the game.

Ninja's appearance on the WIRED interview has got some negativity and backlash, the video has already got more than 169,000 dislikes making the video most disliked video in the series.

Ninja has been getting lot of hate in the recent times because he has been reporting some good players for killing him and the reason he is telling everyone is that those guys are stream sniping, his old videos also got leaked where he makes fun of female Twitch streamers and abuses a kid. Even if someone killed Ninja fair and square, he accused them of stream sniping and he made Fortnite ban their accounts.

If you're a good gamer like Ninja and also a good entertainer at the same time you can start a gaming channel and start uploading videos. If you make good content and people like that content, they would definitely subscribe to you and watch you.  

You can watch the interview by clicking the link below. 

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