Marvel Studios Finally Drops The Avengers 4 Trailer, and it truly looks amazing

Marvel Studios Finally Drops The Avengers 4 Trailer

Avengers 4 trailer finally drops and the Youtube has currently been frozen because of the trailer. The trailer was been awaited for a long time by the fans. After the success of Avengers Infinity War and a heartbreaking ending fans were very emotional, they weren't expecting many superheroes to die and Thanos to snap and wipe out half of the universe.

The trailer was supposed to drop this Monday but to create hype for the Captain Marvel movie, the date had been changed to Wednesday, due to George Bush's funeral on Wednesday they had to change the date and the Marvel decided to launch the trailer on Friday.

After the Avengers Infinity War ended on heartbreaking scene, all the fans were emotionally weak and shattered, there was a huge hype for the trailer's title many assumed that it would be Avengers Annhilation or Avengers Assemble all those rumors turned out to be fake and the real title is 'Avengers End Game'.

The trailer starts with Tony in an airship, who is very hurt and looks emotionally weak and tries to send a message to someone, maybe its Pepper Pots. The trailer doesn't have much footage and there is only leaks from the beginning 15 minutes as heard from the rumors, but the trailer sure is very emotional and heartbreaking, no more spoilers you can check out the trailer by clicking the link below.

And also 'Spider-man Far from Home' trailer is going to release within this week or maybe next month because they don't want 'Captain Marvel' and 'Avengers Endgame' to overshadow the trailer of 'Spider-man Far From Home' because people will be only talking about Endgame and Captain Marvel, so do check that trailer out of Endgame its simple brilliant.

Russo brothers also shared this tweet on their Twitter accounts 
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