Pewdiepie's Youtube Rewind 2018

Pewdiepie's Youtube Rewind

We all have watched Youtube Rewind, well most of did and many people criticized because there were so many Youtubers and major events missing in the video. Youtube wanted to make the video advertiser friendly hence it did not include some youtubers and events which were in some or the other controversy. The move was predictable but it doesn't mean you shouldn't feature them.

After watching the awful rewind many Youtubers started creating their own rewind videos, including Pewdiepie who created his own version of Youtube Rewind 2018 (who wasn't in the rewind). The rewind includes all the events that took place in 2018 including all the popular memes and Youtubers who contributed a lot this year.

The video starts with Pewdiepie mimicking Will Smith who was in the original rewind, he starts the action with his highly requested "year review" which is in reference to his video series known as "meme review" where he reviews the memes posted on reddit.

'If I could control rewind, I would want it be an actual rewind', he says (throwing shades at the original version).

Pewdiepie's rewind video gives reference to to all the memes and events which were popular in 2018 like Uganda knuckle meme, Avengers: Infinity War villain Thanos and many other references in 2018 on and off Youtube.

Famous events like the Tanacon, KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match, FouseyTube and challenges like eating tide pods.

The video also features Internet stars like Vsauce, Tana Mongeau, FouseyTube, Mr Beast, Lil Tay, Ninja. The video also showcases the 'real' comments from the original 'Youtube Rewind 2018'.

The video also gives tribute to legends ho have died in 2018 like Stephen Hillenburg who is the creator of Spongebob Squarepants and Stan Lee who is the co-creator of marvel and Avicii who was a musician and the pewdiepie writes "While they may have gone, they will always be remembered".

The video was created with the help of Youtubers like Dolan Dark, FlyingKitty and Grandayy who were given credit at the end of the video who made this video possible.

The video has currently over 50 million views and 7.7 million likes which is more than that of the original rewind video and the video only has 80,000 dislikes which is very less compared to that of the original one which is the most disliked video of all time with over 14 million dislikes. This is also the most liked non-music video.

You can watch the video by clicking the link below.
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