PUBG bans more than 30,000 people for hacking and cheating

PUBG bans more than 30,000 players for hacking and cheating 

PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royal game which is developed by PUBG corporation. PUBG has recently banned over 30,000 players including 16 professional players because they were hacking and using radar hack. 

PUBG gained lot of popularity in the recent times and it is one of the most popular battle royal game filled with lot of action and excellent graphics. When PUBG released it's mobile version for the mobile users the popularity hit the sky.

PUBG recently gave a new snow map called 'Vikendi' snow map in the latest update (0.10.0)which gives us a festive vibe and a special vibe of  Christmas. When the game gets popular everyone wants to get their rankings high by fair or unfair means, so some people use hacking and cheating in order to push their ranks.

To remove such hackers from the game the PUBG corp has rolled out a new anti cheating and anti hacking through a software known as Battleye Software(in the recent update). The software detects if anyone is using the radar hack to cheat. 

For those who don't know what radar is, it basically  allows a player to know exact position of the opponent by using a VPN service so that he can transfer and receive the data from the server and hence the hacker is very hard to detect. The hackers get to know the exact location by a second screen which helps them to get the location of the opponent and kill the opponent. The hackers can clearly see the opponents and hence kill them very easily.

Back in June PUBG had taken essential steps and removed players who were cheating and hacking. The impact of this software is to effect on all platforms like Xbox, Pc, PS4 and mobile. 

The games should be played fairly by all means without hacking even if you get killed you have many chances left. If all players start hacking in the game there will be no fun to play the game, but still there are many hackers who are using different types of hack like anti ban by using this hack you cannot be banned from the game at all. PUBG is taking some serious actions for the hackers.
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