Youtuber "Pewdiepie" Raises Huge Amount Through Live Stream Followed by getting hate by some people

Youtuber "Pewdiepie" Raises Huge Amount Through Live Stream Followed by getting hate by some people

For the last 6 years, Pewdiepie has been ruling the Youtube as the most subscribed Youtuber , but out of nowhere came the Indian music company label T-Series.

T-Series has been gaining more than 3 million subscribers for the last 12 months and hence Pewdiepie fans aren't that happy and hence they are leaving racist comments on Indian channels and reporting T-Series for sub bots and fake subscribers and hence Pewdiepie isn't happy about this.

Pewdiepie, says that he sees a lot of racist comments about India in the comment section and I've seen people disrespecting Indians and treating them as uncultured because of my videos. They say bad things about India and go to T-Series account and write some rude comments which are not necessary."I make fun of all countries and this is not the first time that I'm doing something like this and I do it for fun and make it in a sarcastic way".

So Pewdiepie tries to make up for this and hence he raises a fund, so that the underprivileged kids in India can get good education and go to school. He sets a date and time for the stream where the donation takes place.

"As he was getting so much of attention he decided why not use the attention to do something positive and show people that his fan base can do something good as well".
"So he did a livestream on 4th December on his channel for raising funds, his goal was to raise 150,000 pounds and he did a livestream for almost 3 hours and raised 246,000 dollars and now the donation is closed and eventually he will donate all the money to the organisation".

Pewdiepie had released a video song called "Bitch Lasagna" which was diss track for T-Series, which is going to take over Pewdiepie in a few days. In the music video he doesn't just diss T-Series he also starts taking shots at Indians and says that their language is like mumble rap which basically means that you can't understand what they're saying and he also takes shots at some other things like the population of India.

Some Indians didn't like this and they got angry because Pewdiepie was insulting their country.Seeing this hate towards him Pewdiepie decided to make a charity stream where he could donate the money to poor Indian children for their education. Pewdiepie is trying his level best to stay at the top for a longer time.

This is not the first time that Pewdiepie has done charity and donation and raised funds for organisations, he has done this multiple number of times, but still media talks only about the negative things that he has done.

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