Trump serves fast food to the Clemson Tigers Football Team

Trump serves fast food to the Clemson Tigers Football Team

Donald Trump always surrounds some or the other controversies may it be for his speeches or his tweets. He always is the attention of the main stream media for some or the other reasons. Trump always does something crazy which no one expects his way of handling decisions and doing somethings is way different from many other presidents or leaders.

This time Trump is going viral for serving fast food for Clemson Tigers, yes you heard it right he served fast food for the National Clemson University football team at the White House.

In the silver platters there were serving of fast food from three iconic American companies Wendy's, Burger King and McDonald's and at another table there were Domino's pizza and French fries being served in paper cups with the presidential seal. The players were shocked,surprised they had mixed reactions.

The order was taken by McDonald's which was just blocks away from the White House. The owner Carlos Mateos said 'I believe they had 350 to 400 burgers they had lot of nuggets in there and some side salad'. Trump said he ordered the fast food because the workers in the White House kitchen had been furloughed in the government shutdown.

 The president paid for the fast food from his own pocket. Wendy's bill came to $2,300, McDonald's was about $2,300 and Domino's said it was about $900, Burger King bill was unknown to us but it can be easily more than $1000 so the total of the feast was easily more than $6500.

Trump does some crazy unexpected things which no on expects and hence he is always surrounded by mainstream media. He could have served them with some good food, he's a billionaire he could even afford a five-star restaurant meal for everyone. Trump personally loves fast food he also said this to the media it maybe the reason he ordered the fast food for the players.

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