Avengers Endgame Run time confirmed.How long is it?

     Avengers Endgame Run time confirmed. How long is it?    

Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney
Many of us love Marvel movies. We all love the characters, screenplay, the actors we can watch those movies for hours, but unfortunately, most of the superhero movies are around 2 hours 15 min average.

After the huge success of Avengers: Infinity War the sequel of the movie was to be made and there was literally no clue about the release date or the trailer, but now we've almost got all the information about the movie except for one important thing and that was the runtime of the movie.

Marvel fans wanted the movie to be as long as possible and they even requested Russo brothers to make the movie as long as possible. Earlier there were rumors that the movie was going to be around 4 hours which turned out to be false, but we all knew that it was impossible, so now the question is how long is the movie going to be?

Let me answer the question for you it is going to be 3 hours 02 minutes long, yes you heard that right it is going to be 182 minutes long, pre advertisements and other trailers are not included. Fandango confirmed the runtime for the movie by sharing a tweet. Even AMC theatre website confirmed it on their website, but now they have deleted the runtime.

This is going to be the end of phase 3 and there will be a new start which is phase 4. The end credit may give a hint about phase 4. There is not going to be a bathroom break, so you've to probably hold your pee and don't drink too much of soda, you can just eat the popcorn if you want.

The runtime also affects the show timings. The longer the movie lesser the shows and it also affects the box office collection. This movie is going to be a culmination of 22 movies, so there is going to be a lot of storytelling to be done. There has also been screening done for the movie which was only shown to the insiders and out of 4 times only 1 time, there were people who took a pee break. This means that the movie is going to be a lot interesting.

The previous Avenger movie which was Avengers: Infinity War was 2 hour 29 minutes long and 2 hours 40 minutes long in the blu- ray DVD version which had some scenes which were not present in the movie. This is also going to be the longest runtime superhero movie. The movie is set to release on 26 April. It may release earlier depending upon where you stay. No matter how long the movie is Marvel fans are going to watch and enjoy the movie. Are you excited for the movie do comment below?

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