How is Pewdiepie Still managing to hold the title for the most subscribed channel on Youtube?

Pewdiepie who is the most subscribed channel on Youtube, had made a video on Jan 3, 2017 saying that a kid named Ryan who had a channel name called 'Ryan Toy Review'. In that video he sarcastically says that Ryan was going to overtake his channel because Ryan was gaining a ton of views and a lot of subscribers, but little did he know that there was an Indian music label called 'T-Series' which was going to dethrone him from the number one spot.

Pewdiepie has been the most subscribed channel since August, 17 2013 with 14 million subscribers overtaking the channel called 'Smosh' and since then no one has even come close to him until in October T-Series was almost about to dethrone him from the number one spot, but some miracles happened and he is still leading the title for the most subscribed channel on Youtube. Let me show you miracles or people that Pewdiepie from getting overtaken by T-Series.

Justin Robert
Justin Robert who is a member of  'Team 10' which is a team of Jake Paul and his other nine friends. When Robert realized that T-Series was going to overtake Pewdiepie he came into the rescue and bought a billboard in New York's Times Square which is one of the largest screen in New York. The billboard said "Keep Pewdiepie  Number One On Youtube". The billboard allegedly cost him $1 million, but it is not confirmed that whether he paid for it or had the ad done with someone's favor. This must have been noticed by some people and those people must have subscribed to Pewdiepie.

MrBeast who makes attention grabbing videos and some unique videos and he loves Pewdiepie a  lot so he came to the rescue when T-Series was only 40,000 subscribers away from dethroning Pewdiepie. MrBeast claimed that he brought every billboard in the city and advertised Pewdiepie's face on it. The billboards said "Calling All Bros! You Can Save Youtube," subscribe to Pewdiepie and unsubscribe from T-series, he also bought ads space on trucks and flyers and went on radio, interviews and even purchased  bathroom ads and wandered in the city telling random people to subscribe to Pewdiepie and even paid some of them money to subscribe to Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie gained 5,40,000 subscribers the day this video was posted, which gave him a huge boost.

Some advertisements and campaigns weren't legal. In November 2018 fifty thousand printers were hacked and they were hacked to support Pewdiepie and print messages of support for Pewdiepie. The hackers even hacked Wall Street Journal and made an apology message for Pewdiepie because of many negative articles written on him.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk who is the founder, CEO of SpaceX and the co-founder of Tesla and a multi billionaire. He has also done some interviews with some other Youtubers too, so this is not his first time that he is doing a collab with a Youtuber. Elon Musk on 27th January tweeted quoting "Host Meme Review?", where he holds a flamethrower where in Pewdiepie agrees and tells him to take over. Elon Musk along with Justin Railond, one of the creators of Rick and Morty animated show collabed together and hosted a segment called as meme review, where they review memes from sub reddit. When T-Series almost overtook Pewdiepie, Pewdiepie uploaded this video of Elon Musk hosting the meme review and made a clickbait title saying "Will Smith hosts Meme Review", because of this video Pewdiepie got a huge boost and was 1,24,000 subscribers ahead of T-Series.

MrBeast  again
Yeah that's because MrBeast just doesn't give up he made uploaded another video titled "Saying Pewdiepie 100,000 Times" where in goes on saying Pewdiepie for 1,00,000 for more than 11 hours straight. Pewdiepie even commented on this video saying "goddamn hero". This is not the first time MrBeast has done a video this long he has done some similar videos like this before.

MrBeast also uploaded one last video to support Pewdiepie. Many Americans tune into football every year, a lot of people. Companies know that a lot of people will be watching, hence they pay a ton of money into advertising about $5,000,000 for just 30 seconds of ad-space which is a huge amount. MrBeast was planning to buy a small ad for Pewdiepie, but the amount was huge which he could not afford. He also decided to sell Subscribe To Pewdiepie's t-shirts so that he could raise $5 million so that he could buy a 10 sec ad space for Pewdiepie. MrBeast knew that a lot of people will tune into watching the sport and definitely see the ad.

However MrBeast realized that the ad would be probably rejected even if he had the money to buy the ad space. So he had to change the plans and for Plan B, MrBeast and his friends bought tickets to the game and wore SUB 2 Pewdiepie t-shirts, they sat until the game was over which was about 3 and a half hours and they sat exactly behind Los Angeles Rams Field goal and they got some camera time to grab the attention of some viewers. ESPN even tweeted a picture captioning "Stephen Gostowski missing the 46 yard field goal" in this picture MrBeast and his friends can be seen and even their t-shirts which say sub 2 pewdiepie.

Without Mrbeast Pewdiepie wouldn't have survived this long. Please let me know in the comment section for whom you support and also while writing this article Pewdiepie is only 3,500 subscribers ahead of T-Series. 

Markiplier who is a famous American gaming youtuber. He has over 23 million subscribers currently. He is also a good friend of Pewdiepie. When Markiplier realized that the sub gap was closing and there was a gap of only 60,000 he came into the rescue. He did a live stream titled "I Literally Won't Shut Up Until You Subscribe To Pewdiepie,". He continued the live stream for about 50 minutes and made the sub gap from 60,000 to 1,30,000 which is truly insane.

Jacksepticeye who is a famous Irish gaming youtuber. He has over 21.5 million subscribers currently. He is also a good friend of Pewdiepie. When he realized that his good friend needed his help, he also came into the rescue, when the sub gap was only around 13,000 he said everyone to subscribe to Pewdiepie. He continued the stream for more than one and a half hour and made the sub gap raised up to 50,000. Pewdiepie has a good friends and a good fan base hence he is able to survive this long. 
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