Logan Paul Has Damaged his Brain?

Logan Paul Has Damaged his Brain?
Logan Paul who is an American actor, Internet personality and a famous Youtube vlogger. Logan who is 23 years old who began gaining a lot of attention and fame because he used to make six seconds funny video on an app called "Vine", which was popular back in 2012, 2013 until the app finally shut down.

After the app shut down he decided to showcase his talent and entertain people in different platforms like Facebook and Youtube. At the beginning he made short videos and uploaded the to both platforms Facebook and Youtube. He gained a lot of popularity and fame, he later made another channel called "Logan Paul Vlogs", where he used to upload videos daily about his lifestyle and what he does on a daily basis just like his brother Jake Paul.

He also has a Youtube Red Series show and he has also acted in the popular movie "Baywatch". He has been into a lot of controversies for ill behavior and immature behavior. He was famous last year for 'Suicide Forest' controversy where in he uploaded a vlog on his Youtube channel titled "We saw a Dead Body", he along with his friends took a trip to Japan and decided to go in the 'suicide forest' which is a famous suicide site.

The video gained 6.4 million views in 24 hours and got a lot of media attention and got a lot of hate, even celebrities responded to this immature act angrily, he also disrespected the culture of Japan and other countries in his videos. He has been in a lot of controversies, but today we might know the reason why he is doing this stuff.

Logan Paul uploaded a video on 14, February titled "I have holes in in my brain" where he starts the vlog with his friends fighting and he says that he has a brain scan today. When he starts talking to the celebrity brain disorder specialist who is Dr.Daniel Amen, Logan Paul asks the doctor "I want to figure out why I'm so f***ed up", Logan says he is emotionally unavailable, he also goes on saying that he is a hooligan a troublemaker person.

Logan Paul said he became serious for studies from 5th grade. He also revealed that he suffered a skull fracture in 7th grade and that he has a titanium plate in his head. Daniel says, We will look in into your brain and try to fix that so that Logan's relationships get better. 

After the scanning of Logan's brain, Daniel points out two holes in the brain and Logan sarcastically says, "I know that parts of my brain are missing", Daniel replies,"Its not missing, but its hurt and its really important and points a part and says that it is the most thoughtful part of the human."Its called the frontal cortex and you've hurt it,". Which means that you're going to have trouble with focus and forethought and focus and follow through an organization, planning, empathy, and learning from the mistakes we need to fix this.

"If we don't fix this no matter how successful you're, you're not going to make the decisions you need to move your life in the right direction,". Logan was shocked to hear this and says that it is crazy. Daniel also adds 'letting the rest of your life with this brain is not going to be a lot of fun for you or the people who love you' because of the trouble he is going to face. They also talk about his drinking problems and talk about high risk behaviors where Logan says 'yes, quite often because I need clickbait' where Daniel replies 'If i fix your brain you're going to be more smarter and do better clickbait,'.

Daniel also say that Logan needs to get rid of high risk behaviors because it can put Logan to risk for another head injury and says that Logan's brain cannot tolerate any more brain injury, to which Logan replies "What about boxing?". Logan says that he wants to box one Youtuber and defeat him. Where he takes shots at KSI and says that he'll defeat him without hurting his brain. Daniel suggests him some remedies and further explains about his brain injury and stuff.

Is this video fake?, so that Logan can avoid fighting KSI. In their last match it was a draw last year in August, KSI also said that he cannot box Logan until November cause he has some things to fix. 
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