Marvel Studios' Finally Releases Avengers: Endgame trailer

Marvel Studios' Finally Releases Avengers: Endgame trailer

Marvel Cinematic Universe makes one of the best movies and also the best movies in the superhero category. Marvel is know for its Avenger series. All of the Avenger movies were a super hit, may it be The Avengers (2012) or Avengers Age Of Ultron (2015) or may it be Avengers Infinity War (2018).

Avengers Infinity War was one of the most anticipated movie of 2018 and you can also say the most anticipated movie of all time. Avengers Infinity War had grossed over $2 billion on the box office. It is the fourth highest grossed movie of all time.

Avengers Endgame is the sequel for Avengers Infinity War. In Avengers Infinity War we see that Thanos gets all the stones and then he snaps and half of the population of universe is turned into dust and half of the superhero die because of the snap, the only one to survive were the original Avengers who were in the beginning of the Avengers (2012) movie.

Avengers Endgame had released a teaser trailer back in 2018 which shows only little footage, but it still got many of us excited and bite our nails we all had mixed emotions like nervousness, excitement, happiness, surprised.

Today Marvel Studios dropped official Avengers Endgame trailer and it has more footage than the previous two trailers which is the teaser and the TV spot.

The trailer starts with Tony saying "Gosh it feels like a thousand year ago, I fought my way under the cave and became Iron Man realized that I love you.", after this footage Pepper pots is shown kissing the Iron Man's armors head piece.

There is footage shown of how other Avengers were made or born like old footage of Steve from Captain America: The first Avenger movie and then there is footage shown of Hawkeye training his daughter how to use the bow and the arrow which is his main weapon.

Black Widow and Ronin (Ronin who is a more powerful version of Hawkeye) meet and hold their hands together, they seem to be happy to be united again as Hawkeye was missing in Avengers Infinity War. Then there is footage shown of Asgard and Thor and his father Odin back from the first movie of Thor.

Then the trailer shows the superheroes who turned into dust because of Thanos's snap. Then we see all the Avengers in action, but Thanos is nowhere to be seen in the trailer.

The Avengers are also seen wearing the white suit which is supposed to help them do the time travel. It was already hinted before as there was toys made with the similar costume which was white with Avengers logo on the suit. We finally see Tony reuniting with the Steve and other Avengers.

In the last scene of the trailer Captain Marvel finally appears with other Avengers, were Thor stares at Captain Marvel and pulls his stormbreaker and says "I like this one", and smiles.

Avengers Endgame is set to release on 26 April in 3D, 4MAX and some other versions please comment below how much you like the trailer.

You can watch the trailer by clicking on this link Avengers Endgame.
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