Pewdiepie finally gets defeated by T-Series

       Pewdiepie finally gets defeated by T-Series

Pewdiepie who was ruling the Youtube since 2013, when he overtook the channel 'Smosh' with over 14 million subscribers, from that date mo one was even close to Pewdiepie's subscriber count. Until T-Series which is an Indian music label company was so close to overtaking him in October 2018 when the subscriber gap was only 100k apart.

But some miracles happened and with the help of many youtubers and Pewdiepie's friend, T-Series was never able to pass Pewdiepie's subgap and dethrone him from the number one spot, technically T-Series did manage to defeat Pewdiepie, but it wasn't for a long time. During the first time, T-Series managed to do this because Youtube had removed all the fake and sub bots and hence it gave 6,000 subscriber advantage for T-Series even though it lasted only for one minute.

During the second time it was a fair win for T-Series, but then again Pewdiepie managed to overtake T-Series in no time. Similarly, the third one took place, but again Pewdiepie managed to overtake T-Series again.

On March 20, 2019, T-Series finally overtook Pewdiepie and it seems that Pewdiepie will not overtake T-series anytime soon. While writing this article T-Series is currently 30,000 subscribers ahead of Pewdiepie. This mainly happened because people were tired of this thing, this war started in October 2018 and still, it hasn't ended. In the internet or social media time, this is a long time, because there is always something which is going to be new and it is going to move better than something which is old.

When the war had started many Pewdiepie fans had Pewdipie's back and they started a campaign called "Subscribe To Pewdipie", and followed by that many memes were created and this was a trending topic in the social media for a long time and hence Pewdipie managed to stay ahead of T-Series for a long time, but as time flies people tend to forget something or they lose interest in that particular thing and that was the case with Pewdiepie.

Many people didn't care or mind T-Series overtaking Pewdiepie now because most of them had either forgot about this or didn't care about this. Nevertheless, Pewdiepie will be still the most subscribed individual on Youtube. 
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