Sonu Nigam comments on Pulwama attack

Sonu Nigam comments on Pulwama attack
Sonu Nigam who is a famous Indian playback singer who has sung songs in many languages. He has received lots of fame due to his melodious voice. He is one of the highest paid singers in the country. He is a very sensible and smart person who gives a valid point and answers every question smartly.

Sonu Nigam despite being a smart person messed up a big time back in 2017. On April 16, 2017 he made an insensible and offending tweet. The tweet said "God bless everyone. I am not a Muslim and have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this religiousness end in India,".

This was very dumb to say, specially when you have a lot of followers and all of his followers were angry by this tweet and bashed him for saying this. Many people tweeted back at him and made many sensible tweets. Sonu Nigam later posted a video showing a video of Azaan from his home and it indeed sounded very loud, because of all the controversy he was facing he later deleted his twitter account.

During a recent interview when Sonu Nigam had been asked whether he has some words for the people of India and to the youth in which he replied, "There is a very critical situation going in the nation, I'm never in the favor of  a war and I never want it to take place," but now that its happening I'm in the favor of my nation , but there is something I need to tell you guys "Don't celebrate on this occasion, don't burst crackers and rejoice this moment,".

"Many of them are tweeting some bad stuff about this and they're making fun of Pakistan, if you guys make fun of them they'll get angry and come back at us, hence there is going to be no end for this situation. This is very stupid of us Indians that we become child at that moment. A good country is always well behaved doesn't insult anyone,".

"I believe we as Indians need to grow up and even if you are going to take revenge against them do it with manners and respect, don't insult them and celebrate and how can someone celebrate the death of someone he questioned, may it be someone from our side or their side they're still children of someone and they're human beings too, maybe someone's brother or husband or son, they may have been mislead, they must have bad thoughts, but still they're human beings ,".

"There is a need of a smart media needed in this case which can help in highlighting all these things which we're missing", he added.

I've also said this somewhere that "There are no such things which are permanent, there are no permanent enemies, there are no permanent friends", so we should always look at the brighter side. Why should we want that we neighbors should have a war with each other?.

"There should be no celebration for the death of the soldiers, it should be done with lot of class and both of the countries should show a lot of poise henceforth", he added and end the interview. You can watch the interview by clicking on this video Sonu Nigam interview on Palwama attack.

He is giving a good message to the people and telling to behave in a civilized way. What are your thoughts on this please do let us know in the comment section. 

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