Why Nick Fury never called Captain Marvel before Avengers Endgame?Is there any specific reason for it?

Why Nick Fury never called Captain Marvel before Avengers Endgame???Is there any specific reason for it?
If you've seen Captain Marvel movie and see what Captain Marvel can do and seen her powers you maybe wondering why hasn't Nick Fury called Captain Marvel before the Avengers Endgame.

When Nick Fury and Maria Hill see that random people are turning into dust, Nick Fury panics and thinks that he might also turn into dust so he quickly removes the pager out of his pocket and calls Captain Marvel. His prediction turns out to be true and he turns into dust, but the signal has been sent to Captain Marvel. The devices shows Captain Marvel's costume design or logo, which had been set by Captain Marvel for Nick Fury so that he can call her only during an emergency.

Well we have an answer for that today the President of Marvel studios and the producer for Captain Marvel Kevin Feige has an answer for that. In a previous interview Kevin had said that Captain Marvel is the strongest character that has been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe till date.

When Kevin Feige was asked, why hadn't Nick Fury called Captain Marvel before the Avengers Endgame. This was a question which was asked by a lot of people and had many of them kept in a maze and confusion ever since everyone watched the post credit scene for Avengers Endgame.

People are asking this question over and over again. "If Captain Marvel is this powerful why hasn't Nick Fury called her before maybe in the first Avengers movie which was released in 2012, while the battle of New York where the Avengers were fighting Loki and the aliens and why not during Avengers: Age of Ultron when Ultron was going to destroy the planet why didn't Nick call Captain Marvel?

There was not once or twice there was a lot many times that the planet was threatened so why hasn't Nick Fury called Captain Marvel so Kevin Feige has an answer to this most asked question. In Captain Marvel it is revealed how Nick Fury gets the device that connects and sends signals(pager) to her when there is some emergency. Kevin Feige responds by saying, "I would say two things she does say it's got to be an emergency and the other thing that I would say is how do you know he never hit it? How do we know that he never pushed it before?

"We have never seen him push it before that doesn't mean that he never pushed it", well Kevin is trying to say that the pager( the device which is used by Nick Fury in the end of the Avengers Infinity War) is only used for emergencies when there is a big threat and we know that Nick always rely's on Avengers and they always do the work of saving the Earth all by themselves if they couldn't save the only option he has is Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is the secondary option where as the Avengers are his primary option. If the first option doesn't work then he will have a back up plan or option, but then Kevin says maybe he did call her and maybe we never saw it on screen people sometimes forget that just because it is not shown on-screen doesn't mean that it didn't happen. So maybe she has visited Earth a lot of times in between 1995 and 2018 we just haven't seen her visiting.

Maybe she has helped Nick Fury and she might also know quite much about the Avengers if Nick Fury has ever told her about them. When Captain Marvel meets the Avengers they're definitely going to ask this question that where has she been the whole time maybe she'll respond to that and maybe she'll even say if she has visited the Earth before and helped Nick Fury, but I don't think so because there are no big threats which are seen before. Maybe she's preparing for a big fight or maybe she has had a conflict with Nick Fury and hence Nick Fury hasn't called her yet.

She has to reveal about herself to the Avengers, who she is, how does she know Nick Fury, where is she from, how did she get those powers and questions like those.

We know that Nick Fury was preparing for something like this and hence he had a pager in his pockets or maybe he carries it all the time. Maybe he has called her many times before there are a lot of possibilities which are possible and she has a huge part in Avengers Endgame hence there is a lot of plot twists as we can see. 
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