Youtube Fanfest Mumbai 2019. When it is going to take place and who all are going to perform and more..

Youtube Fanfest Mumbai 2019. When it is going to take place and who all are going to perform and more...

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Youtube is one of the most searched or used social media. It overall ranks 3rd in terms of the most used app, no wonder why it used a lot, there are videos for all situation. If you need to learn something you can simply search it on Youtube. You have a bad mood you can search for some entertaining stuff and lighten up your mood. You even get the latest updates regarding news, trailers, new songs etc.

There are so many individual creators who are involved in making Youtube such a good platform. Without these creators, Youtube would have been nothing. So to cherish the success of Youtube, Youtube hosts a Fanfest wherein the fans can greet and meet with their favorite creators and ask them questions, take pictures and autographs and they can even see their favorite YouTubers perform. 

So when is this Fanfest going to be held in Mumbai? It is going to be held on March 30 in Mumbai, but you can only go to attend the event if you have the pass for it. If you don't have the passes do not worry because Youtube will be streaming the event live on their official channel which is only dedicated to the content related to Fanfest. The Red Carpet will start from 5.00pm IST and the live show, which all the performance of the creators takes place at around 6.45pm IST.

You must be wondering who are the YouTubers who are going to attend this event? here are some names below:
1) Team Naach
2) Be YouNick
3) JordIndian
4) Girliyapa
5) The Screen Patti
6) Ashish Chanchalani
7) MostlySane
8) Voice of Ritu
9) Amit Bhadana
10) Amanda Cerny
11) Technical Guruji
12) Bhuvan Bam
13) Sanam
14) Mumbiker Nikhil
15) Mo Vlogs
16) Melvin Louis
17) MJ5
18) Lilly Singh.

There are definitely some big names like Lilly Singh who recently got her own talk show and Amanda Cerny who has a big fan following all around the globe and many new people make the list, but so do some big Indian Youtubers names are missing like CarryMinati, Harsh Beniwal, but there may be a possibility that they are not mentioned in the video, but they will be performing at the event. So whose performance are you most excited for comment down below.

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