Iron Man and Captain America finally reunite in new Avengers Endgame Tv Spot

Like all of you, Marvel fans must have seen the new Tv spot for Avengers Endgame till now, it was definitely a surprise because there was literally no clue or announcement that the Tv spot was going to release today.

This Tv spot has revealed a lot compared to other trailers and teasers. The video starts in Avengers headquarter where you can see Bruce Banner saying "Before we do this we will be going shorthanded." where you can see Thor listening to Bruce and Rhodey replies "Cause he killed all of our friends?".

We can then see Natasha sitting idly and Steve looking in the mirror and we hear Natasha saying "We owe this to everyone who is not in this room to try". We then see Rocket sitting with Nebula and we see Tony Stark meeting Petter Pots and hugging her. "It's not about how much we lost, it's about how much we have left", is heard in Tony's voice. 

Then Clint Baron is seen with tattoos on his left hand and then we see Natasha smiling. Then we see the footage of Thor summoning his stormbreaker as we had seen that earlier in the second Endgame trailer.

We then finally see Tony and Cap reuniting and Tony says "You trust me?" to which Cap replies "I do" and they shake their hands. Then we see the Avengers traveling in Quinjet including Captain Marvel. Then we see all the Avengers shocked and then we finally see the entrance of the mad Titan "Thanos" which wasn't teased in any of the trailers before and Thanos says "Where did that bring you? Back to me". We see all the Avengers in the battle zone. We can see that Iron Man is wearing his new Mach 85 suit and we can see in the end the trio which is Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Marvel also released three official posters for Avengers Endgame and also announced that the official booking for Avengers Endgame has started. Please don't forget to tell me which was your favorite part of the Tv spot.
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