New Avengers Trailer Sneak Peek From Good Morning America

New Avengers Trailer Sneak Peek From Good Morning America

If you're a Marvel fan and you were expecting the Tv spot of Avengers Endgame as the last Tv spot or trailer, then you were totally wrong. 

Today on Good Morning America there was a new sneak peek for the movie Avengers Endgame. The trailer starts with Black Widow saying "He used the stones again" to which Bruce replies "Hey we'd be going in shorthanded you know he's still got the stones" to which Captain Marvel replies "So let's go get that and use that to bring everyone back" 

War Machine intrudes "Just like that?" to which Steve Rogers replies "Yeah just like that" to which Black Widow replies "Even if there's a small chance that we can undo this I mean we owe it to everyone who's not in this room to try" to which Bruce replies "If we do this how do we know this it's gonna end any differently?" to which Captain Marvel replies "Because before you didn't have me".

War Machine replies "Hey new girl everybody in this room is about that superhero life and if you don't mind my asking where the hell have you been all this time?" to which Captain Marvel replies "There are a lot of other planets in the universe and unfortunately they didn't have you guys" hearing this Thor gets up his chair and walks towards Captain Marvel and summons his Stormbreaker and says "I like this One" and then most probably the Avengers background theme plays this means that this is just before the title role. 

You can watch the video by clicking on this Avengers new trailer
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