What is the weapon that Thanos is using In Avengers Endgame?

What is the weapon that Thanos is using In Avengers Endgame?

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As many of you know that Avengers Endgame is going to arrive in another three weeks so there are a lot of questions going in the mind of people so today I'm going to answer a question which some of you may have noticed in the new Tv spot of Avengers Endgame which was recently released.

During the end of the tv spot, we finally see the appearance of the mad titan "Thanos", who was never shown before in the any of the trailers or tv spots of Avengers Endgame.

If you have observed properly and closely Thanos is using a new weapon if you've seen it you must be wondering "what is that weapon"? and why is Thanos using that weapon when he has the infinity gauntlet with all the six stones so let me answer this question.

The weapon is a heavy double sword. This weapon is perfect for taking multiple opponents at a single time because it is huge and very powerful. Thanos also has his armor put on, in the first trailer it is shown that Thanos has quit fighting and now has become a farmer just like in the comics and he had put his armor hanging on some support and used it as a scarecrow.

As we all know that Thanos has snapped his fingers and turned half of the universe into dust, so Thanos now is like the king of the jungle everybody wants to fight him and defeat him and be king of the universe and rule the universe. He knows that he has a threat from the Avengers, he knows that the Avengers are not going to quit so easily and they're going to be back stronger hence he has this weapon so that he can take as many Avengers at a single time as possible with his powers. He's going to use this weapon for attack and the armor for defense and he's going to use the gauntlet when he feels that there is going to be a threat. He is going to do whatever is required to stay on the top.
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