Mario Kart Tour defeats Pokemon Go in terms of downloads in one day

Nowadays there are a lot of smartphones users and with the increasing number of mobile users, there will be a bigger market for games and app developers.

There are a lot of mobile users who play games in their free time last year PUBG mobile had released and it took over like a storm and there are more than 100 million downloads of PUBG mobile in the play store with millions of active players daily.

There is a new entry to this gaming department which is Mario Kart. It was announced last year and was released on 25th September. As we all know Mario isn't a new name and is a popular game on many devices. Nintendo made sure that it was good enough for the users and predicted that it will be the biggest hit in smartphones compared to their previous games.

According to Sensor Tower, it has the highest one-day downloads with over 20 million downloads in a single day which surpasses all the previous games like Pokemon Go, Fortnite, Clash Royale.

There are two sources which provide different numbers. Apptopia released a report which states that the installs that have been done in a single day are over 10 million which is still the highest by any gaming app and still impressive.

I've tried the game and is pretty good and honestly one of the best Nintendo's mobile game made yet. Have you tried the game yet please let me know in the comment section below?
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