Here are all the redmi phones which will get the MIUI 11 updates

Redmi phones have now become a lot popular in Asia. They have already sold more than 100 million smartphones in India in 5 years which is insane. 

In a recent report, Redmi said that it has sold over 100 million smartphones in 5 years which is massive. There are numerous reasons why Redmi smartphones are selling this quick in India. Some of them are
1) Cheap price
3)Good interface
4)Value for money
These are some of the reasons, today we are going to be talking about the MIUI interface updates when is the MIUI 11 going to drop?

So I'm here to answer your question MIUI officially have listed the rollout time table for Redmi devices. So I'm going to put the table here you can check whether your device is compatible with the update and when is the update going to available for your smartphone.

As you can see the updates are going to be started rolling out on 22nd October which was a couple of days ago. Redmi K20 devices already have been receiving the updates.

There are four phases and according to those phases, the updates will be rolled out.

In phase 1 there will be newer phones like the K20, Redmi 7 series, Y3, Poco F1.

In phase 2 there will be updates for phones like K20 pro, Redmi 5 series, 4 series, mi mix series.

In phase 3 there will be phones for phones like the a series  Redmi 8 series.

In phase 4 the update will be only for Redmi note 8 Pro.

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