Mrbeast makes a project to plant 20 million trees. Almost 85% done

MrBeast is a well known American Youtuber who has over 25 million subscribers who is known for his original and creative videos where he makes challenge videos, donating to people videos, giving money to people. He also has several world records in his name. 

Recently he had uploaded a video that he plants 20 million trees in that video with the help of his friends and people he plants more than 1000 trees. 

He collaborated with Team Trees org and created a donation link where you can donate. 
So far $16,503,999 have been donated which means 16,503,999 trees will be planted. For every $1 1 tree will be planted. The goal is to plant more than 20 million trees before 2020.

This project was suggested by his fans to which he implemented and is going pretty well almost 30% work done and there is still 70% of the work left. If you care about the environment please donate.

The link to donate is Team trees donation.
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