Snapdeal selling fake shoes?

Nowadays fashion is a trend and it is a part of the lifestyle. People judge on the basis of how you look and how you dress. People are spending way too much on fashion like buying shoes, clothes, watches, etc.

If you love fashion and shopping a lot you would tend to buy a lot of stuff and you would love a discount, sales offers and what stores provide you with all of these, yes it is the online store the e-commerce websites which provide with huge discounts, offers, sales, etc.

 Online shopping as seen exponential growth over the years I always shop online for clothes I don't even remember the last time I shopped in an offline store because of the varieties and the price I get for good brands.

As the brand tends to be famous there will obviously some people who would make a replica of the shoes. Brands like Puma, Nike, Adidas, Reebok are the few popular ones that are replicated the most.

Snapdeal was one of the leading websites on the internet and suddenly the sales dropped because of the fake products it was selling. 

So today I'm only going to focus on the shoes because there is a huge market for shoes and there are people who don't know which ones are real and fake.

Snapdeal tends to sell copied or fake shoes as real ones. Let's check this Jordans for example which are 

Nike Lebron James X12 Purple Basketball Shoes

They claim to sell these pairs for 3709 rupees which are highly impossible. Even in sales it wouldn't be lesser than 12,000 rupees. You can check the prices on the official websites of the particular shoe brand you prefer.

There are many similar shoes which are fake and they haven't even mentioned that they are fake hence people who know these facts never shop from Snapdeal again. I'm here to make you aware of these facts and make sure that you don't end up buying fake shoes.

If you wanna buy genuine shoes you can buy them from Myntra, Flipkart which I prefer. I don't prefer Amazon as they have some fae products too and you can check the offline stores of the brands you like which you will be guaranteed to get genuine products and check their official websites.

I'll be linking links of some Youtube videos exposing fake shoes from Snapdeal Fake shoes Nikeexposing Snapdeal
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