Black Widow teaser trailer release date? When is it dropping? Here's all the answers

Marvel movie, who doesn't love Marvel movies everyone loves them, especially the Avenger series. One of those important avenger characters who helped to stop Thanos was Black Widow who sacrificed herself in order to get the soul stone for the team. 

Because of the part of the original character Black Widow is even more popular right now and is loved by all, I mean she was training with a pistol to fight against Thanos, lol Jk.

Black Widow Movie is set to be released on 1 May 2020, but the question is when is the trailer going to drop? I'm here to answer that question Black Widow teaser is going to release in the first week of December on the 3rd or 4th. 

This is coming from illustrious scoops ters Daniel RPK, his track record is pretty accurate not 100% accurate. If you've been following him on social media you know he has pretty good track records and can rely on him.

He has written many times about trailers and he knows through some sources and its mostly accurate. There is no official release date for this trailer by Marvel Studios, so you have to rely on sources for this trailer.

This movie will be starring Scarlett Johanson as the lead.
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