David Dobrik reveals his Youtube earning. You'll be shocked when you see his earnings

Have you ever wondered how much money famous Youtubers make? Well, I'm here to make that question a little bit simpler now. David Dobrik who is a famous Youtuber. He makes daily vlog videos that pull millions of views.

David Dobrik in an interview says how much he has been earning through Youtube and he talks about adpocalypse that happened on Youtube about 2 years ago.

Adpocalypse basically meant that a lot of advertisers pulled out of Youtube. He says a lot of YouTubers started getting less ad revenue because there weren't any ads being displayed on their videos.

David Dobrik was making around $275,000 a month from 60 million views per month, which is like $4.5 per thousand views. Then after the adpocalypse happened he started getting paid under $2,000 even though he gets around 200 million views per month.

He says the reason being he uses copyrighted songs and his content is inappropriate and he cusses in his videos.

He says that it was a wake-up call for him not be dependent on Youtube alone, expand your things with merchandise and other things, business. 

He also adds "Youtube isn't forever, so I gotta go try and do other things".
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