Google vs Facebook. Which tech company pays the employees highest paycheck?

Google and Facebook are both tech giants and a multibillion-dollar company. Most of the people around the globe work hard to get jobs in these two companies.

Today we're going to talk about which company out of these two pay the highest. 

According to a 'Best Compensation in 2019' survey conducted by Comparably, this is a site where it takes a survey of workplace culture, compensation, salary, and other job-related questions.

Google pays the highest salary, incentives, employee benefits. After Google, Facebook takes the second spot followed by Microsoft.

According to the survey done by Comparably, the average annual paycheck of a Google employee is $133,066 which includes all the bonuses and incentives, while the median salary is $134,386.

The highest paying job in Google according to this survey is the Director of Finance who gets a paycheck of $600,000 annually. The receptionist gets the lowest paycheck which is $37,305 annually.

If you're wondering how much employees from Facebook and Microsoft get paid, we're here to clear that doubt. Facebook's average salary is $140,602 including base and bonuses with a median salary of $149,718.

Microsoft's average salary is $120,662 which includes the base and the bonuses. It is the third-highest in the list, the estimated median salary is $162,818.  

The data was based on 10 million ratings across 50,000 companies in the US, collected by Comparably through anonymous feedback from employees. It was collected over a year between September 2018 - September 2019. 

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