Want a Biryani emoji(emoticon) in your keyboard? Here is what you can do to make it happen

As you all are familiar with the emojis or emoticons, these emojis are used a lot. There are different varieties of emojis from Animals to aliens you've got all the emojis to express yourself this is what makes emojis so popular. Depending upon your mood you can easily use any emoji according to your convenience.

If you use emojis a lot you know that there are food emojis, a variety of food emojis to be accurate some of them are Noodle, Pizza, Taco, Burger and other types of cuisines, but there aren't any Indian dishes emoticon, unfortunately.

If you're a fan of Indian popular dish Biryani and want to see the emoticon of Biryani in your keyboard there is a possibility that it may happen. Biryani has topped the food chart many times, yet it hasn't been recognized as much as other western dishes.

There is a petition started by MTV that was in by signing the petition you'd make this emoticon of Biryani happen. As Biryani is the most popular food in India and thousand plates of  Biryani being ordered daily, there should be justice to Biryani and hence the emoticon should be available.

The petition also promises that on every 10 signatures that the petition receives it'll feed a child from the NGO Robinhood Army. If you want this to happen you can sign the petition. So far more than 29,000 people have signed the petition, the target is 35,000 which is quite achievable. Sign the petition here.

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