Top 10 most popular superheroes. Can you guess who's the most popular ?

most popular superhero

Who is the most popular superhero? Can you guess? 

Who is the most popular superhero? This question must have struck through your mind at least once if you're a superhero fan Superheroes have been popular from the early 1930s and they have been growing in popularity-wise. 

Most of the youngsters and even some adults love watching and reading superhero movies and comic books. Most of the fanbase of the superhero is mostly teens and kids. 

There are superheroes like Batman, Superman, who have always been popular from the early 19th century. They always strike our mind as the most popular superheroes as well 

Have you ever wondered who is the most popular superhero? I'm here to clear your doubt and mention the most popular superhero on Instagram the data is based on the hashtags that have been used related to the Superhero. 

I've added 11 superheroes instead of 10.I've added one as a bonus so enjoy

11) Black Panther:

Black Panther first appeared in comics in 1966. The character became popular when the character got its individual superhero movie in 2018. The popularity rose a bit more when the Black Panther was also there in Avengers Infinity War. With 4.8 million + hashtags, Black Panther ranks at #11.

10) Deadpool:
Deadpool was introduced in comics in 1991. Deadpool is a super popular adult character superhero. He has 2 movies on his name which was released in 2016 and 2019, with 5.4 million+ hashtags on Instagram Deadpool ranks at #10.

9) Hulk:
How can we forget the angry green smasher the 'Hulk'. He was introduced in 1962 and became popular with many movies produced in the 19th century. With over 6.6 million + hashtags on Instagram Hulk ranks at #9.

8) Flash:

Flash is one of the oldest superheroes who was introduced in 1940
, he is one of the most popular DC superheroes, he also has a series in his name which is going live currently he has also made an appearance in movies like Justice League. With over 7 million+ hashtags on Instagram Flash ranks at #8.

7) Wonder woman:
Spoiler alert: Wonder Woman is the only female superhero to make it to this list. Wonder Woman was first introduced in comics in 1942. She has an upcoming movie Wonder Woman 2. With over 7.6 million+ hashtags on Instagram, Wonder Woman ranks at #7.

6) Captain America:
Captain America is one of the most loved Marvel superheroes who gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Captain America was first introduced in comics in 1941. Captain America also had three movies under Marvel Cinematic Universe and he was the worthy one to lift Mjolnir in Endgame. With over 8.6 million+ hashtags on Instagram, Captain America ranks at #6.

5) Thor:
I'm pretty sure you were expecting the son of Odin, the god of thunder Thor to be on the list I mean how can you not expect the God to be in this list? Thor has an upcoming movie in 2022. He has gained immense popularity because of movies like Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame. With over 8.8 million+ hashtags on Instagram Thor ranks at #5.

4) Superman:
 Thor and Wonder woman aren't the only God and Goddess on this list I mean you should've been expecting the Mighty God Superman too, he's one of the most popular DC superheroes. With over 11.4 million+ hashtags on Instagram Superman ranks at #4.

3) Iron Man:
Iron Man is easily one of the most favorite and popular superheroes in the Marvel universe. Iron Man was introduced in comics in 1963. He fought with Thanos in Avengers Endgame and one the fight and died to which he will always be remembered. With over 13.2 million+ hashtags on Instagram Iron Man ranks at #3.

2) Spider-Man:
How can we forget everyone's favorite character, spidy on this list? Spider-man was introduced in the 1970s and has been gaining popularity since then, there has been 3 trio movie related to this superhero and all of those movies have done really good on the box office. With over 16 million+ hashtags on Instagram Spider-man ranks at #2.

1) Batman:
I'm pretty sure some of you were expecting this name on this rank. Batman is easily the most favorite and popular character from the DC universe. His fights with Joker has always been popular. Batman was introduced in comics in 1939. Batman has also got a trio movie where it dominated the box office and got the highest superhero movie. With over 23.5 million+ hashtags on Instagram  Batman tops the chart at #1.

This is the list of the most popular superhero according to Instagram, do comment down if you liked the blog.
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