17 Fun Things To Do In Minecraft When you're bored and more.

17 Fun Things To Do In Minecraft When you're bored and more.

Minecraft is one of the greatest video games of all time. It was released in 2011 and it is still popular till this date and its pretty consistent with its growth. Most of the popular Youtubers started their journey by playing this game including Pewdiepie, MrBeast.

According to Youtube Minecraft is the most viewed game on Youtube with over 100.2 billion views this year (2019) you can guess how popular the game is by seeing those huge numbers.

With the amount of popularity Minecraft has, it is not going to die anytime soon.

In this article, I'm going to mention 17 fun things you can do in Minecraft.

1) You can build your house and decorate it:
If you're bored and don't know how to play the game or complete the missions, you can build your own house and decorate in a very creative way and you can flex it and show it to your friends. It's very easy to build a house, if you're a beginner I would suggest you watch Youtube videos and learn to build.

2) Look at some crazy Optical Illusions:
If you're bored of completing missions and playing the story mode, you can look at some crazy optical illusions, which are floating in the sky, they look like 3D designs and are very fun to look at.

3) You can play GTA:
Yes, I'm not kidding you can experience  GTA alike gameplay on Minecraft. You can swim, ride, do explosions, Construct buildings,, chop a tree, do high jumps and many more. There is a similar experience which you can try.

4) Have an animal farm:
You can have an animal farm and raise different types of animals where you can raise animals like Cows, horses, sheep, c. You can look after them and have a good time and its a really fun thing to do.

5) Play the Minecraft story mode:
It is the most popular mode of the game, where your main mission is to stay alive, maintain your health. You can play the mode however you want to as there are no goals to achieve.

6) Play the Zombie apocalypse:
You can play and survive the zombie apocalypse, you can take on the zombies and try to kill them. This is one of the things to do in the game. Kill them with gun or axe, you just need to survive anyways. Minecraft vs Zombie, hell yeah who wouldn't like to play this mode?

7) Make your own parkour course:
Yes, you can make your own parkour course, just add some blocks the way you want and start parkouring.

8) Play and troll with your friends:
You can always play with your friends and challenge them for various competitions, see who can do a task faster like who can build a house faster. You can also push your friends into the water and lava.

9) Travel to a private island:
You can pack all the things and your stuff and travel across the ocean to a private island and make your own private resort or you can build whatever you want to and chill there.

10) You can attempt to beat some world records:
You can attempt to beat some crazy Minecraft world records by going to worldsetter.com and check out the records and you can try to break them and make your own new records.

11) Blow up stuff with TNT:
If you like to play games a lot you probably must be liking to break and blow up a lot of stuff, in Minecraft, you can use TNT and blow up a lot of stuff like trees, buildings, creepers and it's honestly a lot of fun to do.

12) Create an underground subway system:
You can create an underground subway system which you can possibly connect to your homes and other buildings.

13) Play multiplayer minigames:
You can play many minigames with other players, there are more than thousand of minigames which you can challenge and play with other players and its really fun to play.

14) Tame a Horse:
You can tame a horse and make it your pet and you can explore the Minecraft world and play along with it.

15) Make a firework show:
You can make a firework show and enjoy the show, this is probably the most enjoyable and fun thing to do.

16) Make a rollercoaster:
You can make rollercoaster according to your customization, how big you wanna make it and what the length of the track should be and other stuff, you can customize in your way.

17) Visit the end of the Minecraft world:
You can visit the end of the Minecraft world, but for that, you've to do a lot of traveling, but it'll be worth the wait and work.

Some other things that you can do in Minecraft:

Add a few campgrounds to a wooded area.

Go Minecraft underwater, which means you should go underwater and explore.

There are two editions Minecraft java and bedrock you can choose whichever you feel is better.

Build a Minecraft underground base.

Play Minecraft maps and discover new places and try to make your own map and play Minecraft Villager

Try different skins like Zombie skin,  you can also edit skins using Minecraft Nova skins.

Play Minecraft school.

Try to find Minecraft Nether castle.
Try Iron Man skin it's really dope.

Place a bunch of hoops in the air suspended by balloons.
When you're bored, fly through them with elytra.
Find an area that you'll never look at from the ground, but you could see from an aerial view.
Build a caboose, a few passenger cars with luggage and villagers, a meal car, and an engine.
Find the highest point in your base and build a tower.
If you have a building devoted to the storage of a specific item, turn it into a shop.
Build an observatory room on top with glass floors and walls.
Build a race track for horses, boats, or pigs.
It's your world you can do anything you want to it).
This will make traversing your world as painless as possible.
Combine minecarts, detector rails and lamps to create a light show.
Build a horse testing track that looks like the kind you'd expect to find in real life.
Include bars the horse must jump over to test the horse's jump height, and a Redstone horse speedometer disguised as a race track.

Minecraft can run almost on any Pc, you need to check your OS and the version and the specs of your PC if you have a PC with high specs you wouldn't have to worry about the game lagging, even if you have got a low-end PC you can still play the game at lower frames. You can Minecraft and chill because the game is so enjoyable and you can do a lot of fun things.

These are the reasons why Minecraft is so popular and will still be popular and Minecraft is absolutely free to play on PC.

Minecraft is for Windows 7,8,10, Pro, etc,
These are some ways you can try and have fun, Minecraft is one of the most engaging games with very simple yet effective graphics and very enjoyable game.
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