Gtxpreet died in car accident? Did he really die?

GtxPreet is a Youtuber, Gamer who streams PUBG mobile and PUBG on Youtube. Gtxpreet has over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. There are some rumors that GtxPreet died in a car accident. Is this rumor true? I'm here to clear your doubts here.

If you're looking for the answer he's not dead, neither did he meet with a car accident or any sort of accident, people are spreading false rumors that GtxPreet is dead. He's perfectly fine and he's doing well, in fact, he's streaming daily on his Youtube channel and uploading videos on his channel.

There are also some rumors that Dynamo gaming has also met with an accident, that rumor is pretty much false too and he's also doing perfectly fine and streams daily and uploads videos daily.

GtxPreet started his voyage on Youtube by streaming and uploading Pubg gameplays, he struggled a lot, he got a big blowup when he started to upload PUBG mobile gameplays and now he's one of the most popular PUBG mobile players.

So the rumor that GtxPreet died is completely fake, don't believe in rumors that you hear if you hear something like that you can always research online and confirm the news.

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As if this shit is really important dumbo admins and content writers

Congrats bro Anonymous you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...