Justin Bieber gets desperate for more streams. Roddy Rich takes a dig at Justin Bieber

People nowadays do anything for getting more streams and views on different platforms. Some people make fake pranks to get a ton of views, add clickbait thumbnail for more clicks so that they can get some clout.

So today we're going to talk about none other than Justin Bieber, yeah I know this is my second article criticizing him, but he has done something that I gotta criticize.

Justin Bieber recently released his single "Yummy" and made a comeback with that song and it couldn't hit Billboard Hot 100 because it couldn't get enough streams.

Currently, the number one song on Billboard is "The Box" by Roddy Richh and the song is pretty good, not the best, but still decent.

Justin Bieber hasn't been in the spotlight for a few years because he hasn't produced music and he was focusing on himself and other things.

If you follow Justin Bieber on any social media platforms he has been trying to promote his new single heavily, like really heavily. He has posted at least 10 videos that are related to his new single "Yummy" because Youtube plays count and ranks the song.

The singer posted a compilation of fan-made edit to his Instagram, but he then deleted the post later. This is a repost not made by him.

As you can see in this post he added four pics to get his song "yummy" to No.1 on Billboard.

The first pic quoted "How to get Yummy to #1". In the second one, it says to download VPN and change the location to the US and stream the song in order to get more streams and it also said: "Not to mute the song, play it in lower volume, let it play while you sleep".

I mean who would even suggest their fans to this in order to get on the top spot of Billboard, no one should condone such act.

The third pic and the fourth pic say to buy "Yummy" on multiple websites and to buy it multiple times.

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop stars in the world and he has a big fan base mostly consisting of little kids, he lost to Roddy Richh who's new to this industry I guess this pissed him off. Justin Bieber has good connections and good marketing managers and fans despite all of that he still couldn't make it to the No.1 spot.

Roddy Richh's "The Box" wasn't even promoted heavily, but still managed to hit No. 1 spot.

 Roddy Richh posted on his Twitter account quoting "Stream Yummy by Justin Bieber" which is a smart move. Roddy is seeing an insane level of success and he's here for a long time not a short time and this tweet was sarcastic for who didn't get it.

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