Justin Bieber's new song "Yummy" faces criticism

Justin Bieber, oh yeah one of the most popular singers worldwide, who became famous at a very young age who hadn't produced music for almost four years has finally made a comeback with his new song "Yummy". 

Now the famous Canadian singer a day ago had released his new song "Yummy" and let me tell you the song isn't so yummy. Justin Bieber had taken a long break from making music as he wanted to focus more on his life and overcome crippling depression and take care of his mental health and he had released a trailer about his new album on his Youtube channel.

His new song "Yummy" wasn't liked by many people as many people started criticizing the song because it had no good lyrics, to be honest, the lyrics aren't the best that Justin Bieber has made. It could have been way better and he had taken a break for four years, he had a long time he could have definitely done better on the lyrics part.

Let's talk about the beats it's not that bad, you can literally find better beats on Youtube. His vocals and voice are pretty decent though.

Lyrics wise as I've mentioned above it's terrible. As Justin Bieber had mentioned that he's taken a break for four years and he said: "My music reflects where I am at more than ever.” That certainly doesn't seem to be true because 80% of the lyrics are "Yummy yummy yummy yum".

And it took him a team to write the lyrics after his popular album "Sorry", the comeback should have been much better. It seems that he was in a rush to release some music.

The like to dislike ratio isn't that bad but considering he is Justin Bieber the dislikes should have been lesser. Justin Bieber fans are also known as "Biebers" showed love to this song and welcomed him back and appreciated for his song.

This song is like Baby but R rated. Justin Bieber is having a documentary series on his channel which is going to release on January 27. 

You can listen to this song because it's decent and I'm pretty sure you will get bored of it very soon.
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